Toured Spring 2022 with 2022 Chopin Competition winner Bruce (Xiaoyu) Liu.

Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra (biography)
Andrzej Boreyko (biography)
...the performance overall effectively captured the drama and pathos of the music, with a luxuriant depth of strings and a firm sense of the work’s movement from darkness to light. South Florida Classical Review
I Dedicated the Concerts I Gave to the Victims of the War in Ukraine: An Interview with Bruce Liu
There was no denying the vibrancy and flair of the orchestra’s playing… [The Warsaw Philharmonic] continues to be a wondrous…orchestra… an all-around rewarding evening. San Francisco Chronicle
Pure sonic heaven… There’s something about an orchestra that big with 116 years of history behind it and immeasurable talent from end to end that send shivers down your spine… The audience inside Centennial Hall was fighting the urge to burst into applause every time the Warsaw Phil took a breath. Arizona Daily News