The Unofficial Bridgerton Musical in Concert



After the Netflix smash hit regency romance series graced our screens, Abigail Barlow and Emily Bear set out to answer the simple question: What if Bridgerton was a musical? They answered by composing and recording 15 songs in 6 weeks, live on social media in real-time, with lead vocals by Barlow and orchestration, production and additional vocals by Bear.

Bear (20) and Barlow (23), are two young women who have independently carved out their own space in the musical theater world. Barlow was a founding creator on TikTok and has a flourishing singer-songwriter career with the chart success of her independently-released pop hit “Heartbreak Hotel.” Meanwhile, Bear has had a rich career as an award winning composer and piano prodigy who first appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show at age six, and has performed around the world including Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center.

Although individually accomplished, together the pair are breathing new life into musical theater with The Unofficial Bridgerton Musical’s merging of Broadway influences, contemporary scoring and a pop through-line. Barlow and Bear’s creative process ushers in a new-founded feat: live streaming on TikTok and Instagram to transparently involve their audience in every step of making this album.

Accolades and support from Netflix, the cast of Bridgerton, and people from all across the world increased with the creation of each new song. Julia Quinn, author of the Bridgerton Series said, "I know all about the musical and that is just blowing my mind," she says. "I'll be sort of humming in the shower and realize I've been humming one of the Bridgerton the Musical songs." As if to prove it, she sings a bit of the Eloise song, "If I Were a Man." Composers Pasek and Paul (La La Land, Greatest Showman, Dear Evan Hansen), self proclaimed "bearlow fans" wrote, "What is this musical style? Oh wait, it doesn't exist, you're inventing it".

Their ear-worm, catchy melodies marry todays pop sensibilities with classic musical theater, while adding in doses of cinematic styling, and creates a sound that can cross from Broadway to the pop charts. Demystifying the creative process with real-time live-streams documenting their composing, orchestrating and recording sessions, Barlow and Bear have broken the glass ceiling on how musicals become mainstream.

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"The Unofficial Bridgerton Musical" is unique in more ways than one. It’s the only piece nominated this year in the Musical Theater Album category by women and it’s the first project nominated in the category that grew from a TikTok collaboration. - BuzzFeed News

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