The Tap Pack

The Tap Pack is an entertaining and modern twist on the classic "Rat Pack" mid-century embodiment of "cool," performed by five virtuoso tap-dancing singers and actors, and a swinging jazz quartet of musicians. Created by an accomplished team of Australian based producers, The Tap Pack has been an audience and box office success throughout the world.

The Tap Pack (biography)
…it’s an astonishing tap display that builds in intensity…hammering out completely different rhythms with each foot, soaring in the air touching toe to heel…genuinely breath catching… Siobhan Murphy, Time Out London
The Tap Pack are electrifyingly energetic…It’s a pleasure to watch this rhythmically perfect team who are able to keep their body language light and playful, as if dancing is no different from walking or talking…A wonderful evening out… Louise Lewis, The British Theatre Guide
…it’s pure joy…the five men are extraordinary step-dancers…The Rat Pack would certainly not be ashamed to be the inspiration and quasi namesake for this namesake for this great group. Nicole Haarhoff, Berliner Ansichtssachen
… a terrific cast and some hot tapping…take this chance to…get the full, swoon-inducing effect of these classy young men with their incredibly fast feet. Chloe Smethurst, The Sydney Morning Herald
If a couple of hours in the company of five talented, likeable Australian male entertainers who sing, joke around and could probably tap till dawn sounds appealing, this well-packaged … percussive dance show might be just the ticket. Donald Hutera, The Times