Sandy Cameron

Sandy Cameron (biography)
...violin virtuoso Sandy Cameron — a regular collaborator of Elfman’s — brought the house down (as usual) with another dazzling intermission performance that only further confirmed her stature as the rock star of the classical music world. - CINEGODS
...violinist Sandy Cameron introduced the second half with a dazzling solo that was electrifying and compelling as any violin solo you will ever see. - Forbes
In the hands of the stunningly gifted Cameron, Elfman’s concerto has all the championing it needs. Cameron’s dynamic stage presence and dancer-like physicality, along with a piercingly gorgeous tone and effortless upper register playing left the audience stunned. Indeed the best thing one can say about Cameron’s performance is that she didn’t play the work – she owned it. - Buffalo News
Central to this suite was a demonic, Paganini-inspired violin solo, played with steamy virtuosity by Sandy Cameron. This episode, a shameless showstopper… - The New York Times
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