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Pepe Romero (biography)
Pepe Romero chats with Kansas Public Radio (Nov 4, 2021)
The Romeros Celebrate 60 Years since their Inaugural Concert!
To call Pepe Romero a superb guitarist is to understate the case. As his recital in Alice Tully Hall showed once again, Mr. Romero is an exceptional musician, and one whose qualities would assuredly have made themselves known regardless of the instrument he had chosen for his own. The New York Times
Playing to a packed house, Romero showed why he’s one of the great guitarists of our time: he marries complete virtuosity and exceptional refinement, all in the service of music that he feels as deeply as anyone alive. The Washington Post
Pepe Romero performed with breathtaking simplicity in a work of harrowing technical requirements. Seldom can the Rodrigo Concierto de Aranjuez have looked and sounded so easy. Romero's playing was not merely fleet-fingered; it also was beautifully subtle. The Seattle Times
His virtuosity and versatility were staggering... His playing breathed, sighed, danced savagely and savored the melody with the soulful affection of a human voice, often organically shifting mood and weight with the turn of a phrase Tucson Citizen
When [Pepe] Romero performs, all the subtleties of the guitarist's art-- accent, rhythmic nuance, tone quality, volume level, etc.– come together all the time to form one perfect gesture after another. St. Louis Post-Dispatch
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