Mike Mills Concerto for Violin, Rock Band & String Orchestra
Performed by: Mike Mills (Electric Bass/Piano/Guitar) and Robert McDuffie (Violin)


R.E.M. Explored
The Music of R.E.M.
Arranged for Full Orchestra
By Carl Marsh & David Mallamud

Mike Mills (biography)
Robert McDuffie (biography)
The piece is cast in six movements and oscillates between fantastic ensemble playing to the great melodies which are the hallmarks of the best of Mills writing as he did when with R.E.M.. The result is a true collaboration of gifted musical peers. - Music Aficionado
McDuffie played with such passion that his whole body and facial features blended into the music...While Mills had never composed for strings before, he successfully pulled it off and it brought the crowd to a standing ovation. - DC Metro Arts
R.E.M.: 10 Years Later
Interview: Mike Mills brings the rock and symphony worlds together