Maurizio Pollini


Maurizio Pollini (biography)
What Pollini conjures up is the appearance of technical perfection, and the shape of emotion. The Concert Hall was packed, and – rarely for this venue – almost no one left when the concert was over until the last note of the last (the second) encore. -The Washington Post
Pollini's New York recitals turn the hall into a virtual high temple of pianism, because he's possessed of an astoundingly precise and rapid technique to go with a profoundly intellectual insight into music. -The New Yorker
With a gentle, rocking breeze in the left hand and a dreaming melody on top, Pollini's rendition was spellbinding, exquisitely placing each phrase and finally finding enough comfort in his fingers to reel off the scales in glowing cascades. -New York Classical Review
Pollini remains a clear-eyed musical aristocrat, an unmannered visionary of the keys... These dozen evocative miniatures lend themselves to his crystalline precision and wide array of dynamic gradations... -Chicago Tribune