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Throughout the performance, Battle's voice resonated most profoundly when she hit the first note precisely, showcasing her unparalleled skill and artistry. The climax of the evening arrived with stirring renditions of Joaquín Rodrigo's 'De los álamos vengo, madre' and Jaime Silva and Neuza Teixeira's 'O Pato,' marking undeniable triumphs in Battle's illustrious career.. While Battle contributed her signature ethereal melodies, it was the exceptional playing and refined approach of Kibbey and Pinheiro that truly captured the essence of the music. - Karen Crucillo, Classicalite
The glamorous soprano proved that she still has star power, packing NYC's the 3850-seat Metropolitan Opera House with the most ardent of fans... The pristine estate of Ms. Battle’s voice was a true wonder. The hall roared like a lion! - Patrick D. McCoy
She recognized that she had reconquered the venue where she had earned much of her fame in nearly 200 performances many years ago...The last piece on the program was a solo rendition of “Heaven Is One Beautiful Place,” deeply felt and magnificently sung, that soared throughout the house. - Tim Page, The Wall Street Journal
The spiritual “Ain’t a that Good News” certainly was a crowd favorite, but her final selection on the printed program “Heaven is One Beautiful Place” was a musical testimony in itself. Unadorned by accompaniment, Ms. Battle’s voice enraptured the listener from start to finish. Singing from the core of her emotion, one could feel the pathos of the hall as she sang the line ‘Heaven is a place…where tears no longer flow.’ - Patrick D. McCoy
Yes, the beaming high notes were still intact and immediately recognizable as hers alone… - Tim Page, The Wall Street Journal
Kathleen Battle’s Beautifully Sung Return to the Met
Handel’s “O Sleep, Why Dost Thou Leave Me?” from “Semele,” is one of those profoundly difficult arias that must never sound difficult if it is to be effective…It should seem effortless; it is of course anything but. Rather than merely “passing the test,” Ms. Battle transcended it, taking us to the essence of the aching, nocturnal soliloquy that it is. - Tim Page, The Wall Street Journal
Rather than witnessing a memorial to a soprano's storied past, we got something vital and compelling and very much in the present; and I came away with new respect and admiration for Battle. – Anne Midgette, Washington Post
...she sent high phrases soaring and sang with etheral elegance...I kept thinking about what a sad loss her absence has been to opera lovers in New York and around the world...this long program, with five encores, was her day, her return...The final standing ovation was tumultuous. - Anthony Tommasini, New York Times
The magic was back and nobody (including her) wanted it to end...This was easily some of the best singing of her career...mesmerizing...plucked high notes out of the air with spot-on pitch... - David Patrick Stearns, WQXR
...her voice shimmered and soared above the staff in the ornate but elegant flourishes she inserted into the simple spiritual tunes...The program advances the thesis that the development of the spiritual was closely tied to the Underground Railroad's mission of liberating the enslaved. As such, the mood of the songs performed gradually became more hopeful and finally joyously determined... - James Jorden, Observer
...greeted with a thunderous ovation befitting a beloved singer... She was here to present a thoughtful, fully committed recital. And she did... that unmistakable Battle sound remains remarkably intact...audience collectively held its breath, the years faded away and time, as the saying goes, seemed to stand still... her valedictory appearance was nothing short of triumphant, and one, I dare say, that may well become legendary. - Kevin Fullerton, Parterre Box
Review: Kathleen Battle Returns to the Met After 22 Years. It Was Worth the Wait.