Indigo Girls with Symphony

Indigo Girls (biography)
"The harmonious bond between the Indigo Girls’ two co-founders remains as strong and resilient as ever." The San Diego Union-Tribune
San Diego Tribune: Indigo Girls still sing in harmony
The Indigo Girls have the unusual ability to maintain distinctive musical personalities in the context of a tightly-knit duo…Together, though, their voices blend beautifully. – Providence Journal
“…standing ovations greeted the end of each set…Ray, a dynamic rocker, and Saliers, a serene folkie, set a gold standard for quality and integrity…it was no surprise to see the duo teaming gracefully and confidently with the ASO.” – The Birmingham News
The Indigo Girls complemented – and complimented – the Columbus Symphony very well last night in the Ohio Theatre. – The Columbus Dispatch
The shared joy…was evident throughout – from the crowd applauding at the end of nearly every chorus… – The Buffalo News
…performances that were...breathtaking… – The Dallas Morning News