Havana Cuba All-Stars


For decades now Cuba has been a meeting point for musical exchange between the United States, Latin America, Africa, and Europe. Jazz has often been at the center of this cross-fertilization and Cuba a melting-pot of talent and musical styles. Dizzy Gillespie coined the phrase ‘Latin Jazz’ after his first visit to Cuba in the 1940s. The pioneering trumpeter went on to infuse American jazz with Afro-Cuban rhythms. With such close contact between Cuba and the US from the 1920s to 1950s many American Jazz musicians were, in turn, inspired by the Cuban musical genres. Indeed, Nat King Cole recorded an album of boleros called Cole Español in 1958.

Havana Cuba All-Stars tour brings together the best of Cuban jazz, featuring Asere with special guest Brenda Navarrete.

Asere Band Members:
Ricardo Fernandez Pompa- Lead Vocal / Percussion
Marieme Abdoulaye Ndjim - Lead Vocal
Michel Padron - Trumpet / Musical Director
Abel Sanabria Padron - Bass
Jenny Padron - Violin
Eney Aranda Casanova - Percussion
Yuniel Rascon Falcon - Guitar / Tres
Eikel Venegas Hernandez - Trumpet / Trombone / Sax
James William Blomfield - Piano

Asere (biography)
Brenda Navarrete (biography)
There is something going on in Cuba that is, quite simply, raising the bar on music of all kinds. An incredibly talented and visionary group of Cuban millennials are reimagining their African roots through a lens that filters, jazz, soul and funk. - Felix Contreras, NPR 
Percussionist and vocalist Brenda Navarrete is one of those whose talents seems to know no bounds and whose music deserves much more recognition than she receives now. This album is a masterpiece that gets better with every listen. - Felix Contreras, NPR 
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