Disney Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas Live in Concert

The Nightmare Before Christmas stands out as a seminal creative triumph from the legendary film making duo of director Tim Burton and composer Danny Elfman. Since its release over 25 years ago, this beloved family film has become a world-wide classic. This unique live cine-concert production features Danny Elfman, the original singing voice of the film’s main character, Jack Skellington, performing live in sync with the full-length movie projected on the big screen above a full symphony orchestra, choir, and additional members of the original cast. The production has performed to sold out audiences across the globe, including The Hollywood Bowl, Wembley Arena, Barclays Center, Tokyo International Forum, and Dublin's 3Arena.

Tim Burton (biography)
Danny Elfman (biography)
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Nightmare was nothing if not a dream — the kind of dream we all desperately need to emerge from our long, shared nightmare."
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A stunning show - OC Register
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The crowd went wild for the cast as they stepped out on stage to perform their numbers live, individually or as an ensemble, elevating the festive and celebratory vibe...inside an immersive experience …which enabled the show to transcend any previous form and become something that left the audience in rapture and awe. - Forbes
Danny Elfman wowed the crowd with his vocal acrobatics… - Billboard
In 2015, Nightmare Before Christmas at the Hollywood Bowl was named the "#1 Concert of the Year" - OC Register
[Nightmare Before Christmas is] a revolutionary application of stop-motion animation, a labor-intensive process that involves the frame-by-frame manipulation of three-dimensional creatures. - LA Times
London, UK
London, UK

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