Bach by Beltrami

"I often ask myself why this project seems so vital to complete now; what relevance does re-exploring Bach’s music have in today’s world and for a modern audience. I'm inspired by the opportunity to remove the barriers caused by labels and listening habits. Popular trends in music do not dictate quality, and conversely traditional patterns should not dictate accessibility. When Bach composed the Well-Tempered Clavier some 300 years ago his music was no longer fashionable. Counterpoint was replaced by the light stirrings of the classical style. Bach knew the importance of his work and remained undeterred. Thank goodness, as it has influenced all of western music since, from Mozart to contemporary Jazz. I can think of no better way for me as a composer to fight against the Anti-Intellectualism climate, than to pay homage to this master. Bach’s music contains the musical seeds of the human condition. He transcends pain and suffering and oppression by offering freedom of thought.

Many people are unaware of Bach because he has been stuffed into a rigidly labeled box which one is not supposed to open without proper training. The purpose of this project is to take Bach out of this box and reveal sides to him that have remained obscured from public view. To clearly show his relevance and the variety of emotional content that he endured and transcribed and which has resonated sympathetically with me. I have interpreted Bach’s map with my own emotional compass." - Marco Beltrami, composer

Featured Soloists:
Sandy Cameron, violin
Lucia Micarelli, violin
Eric Byers, cello
Holly Sedillos, soprano
Robert Thies, piano

Marco Beltrami (biography)
Sandy Cameron (biography)
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Central to this suite was a demonic, Paganini-inspired violin solo, played with steamy virtuosity by Sandy Cameron. This episode, a shameless showstopper… - The New York Times