The 7 Fingers: Passengers

Departure vs. transit vs. arrival. Chance vs. choice vs. destiny. Stillness vs. acceleration. Reflection vs. transparency. Familiar vs. foreign. Private vs. public. Confinement vs. border-crossing. Bright headlights vs. tunnel-darkness. Past vs. future.

Our fascination with trains is both a nostalgic one — dreams of another era, another land — and a symbolic one: life happens along this track of sorts, twisting and turning through valleys and plains. We speed through lands all the while staring out the window, at the reflection of our very own eyes superimposed upon the shifting landscape. Tearful goodbyes, anticipatory reunions. Fateful encounters inside the cabin. A community of strangers with one thing in common: we all have somewhere to go. Our reasons for leaving may differ but we are joined in a moment of suspended limbo between two lives, as we say goodbye to one and prepare for another.

About The 7 Fingers (biography)
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